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“Happy Wife, Happy Life” by Tazeen Ahmad

In Healing, Marriage, parenting, Relationships on March 6, 2012 at 10:35 pm

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”
I once, heard this expression and laughed… It is only after raising 2 small kids, that I am understanding the full meaning of it…..

Increasingly, as I become aware of the mirrors our “mini-me’s” are; I realise that the tone, mood and peace of the home is predominantly, set by the mother/wife or lady of the house.

I guess as our external worlds are simply manifestations of the internal, it is any wonder that my own pleasant mood, attracts better behaviour in my children.. By holding my connection with our Creator and basking in His/Her light, I also find I have the sabr and ability to deal with whatever tantrums or challenges come my way that day….

I am also noticing that manners, ettiquette, the way we interact with each other, mother earth, technology and the world at large, are all absorbed by our little ones, whether we realise it or not. If I am on the phone when my toddler needs my attention- what am i teaching him?

I notice my toddler’s mind is like a sponge… Absorbing everything around him. Whilst, I feel like I am playing the role of teacher to my children, as each day I show them new things….it’s amazing how the student becomes the teacher around these pure enlightened beings. Through my toddler and 7m year old baby, I am seeing the world anew and am in the present moment more than ever before. It is so refreshing to remember that this is what life is like, pre the conditioned baggage and scarred emotional programming we carry with us as adults.

On contemplating that “heaven lies at the feet of the mother,” I am beginning to fully appreciate how carefully I must tread; for through me, my children and husband can just as easily experience hell.

So now, I am increasingly taking responsibility for my emotional well-being (and reminding my husband that if he wants to return to a happy home, he needs a happy wife :)!)

May Ya~Sabr guide us on the journey of parenthood.

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