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Bart Conner & The Creative Ecology

In Education on April 9, 2012 at 11:21 am

His mother could have said Bart “could you stop it with the hands thing – we get it but the jokes over – could you get one with what you’re meant to be doing, you’re eight stand the right way up”. But she didn’t. She encouraged him.. She could not have known the life he was going on to have could she? Because it’s not like that. Life is not like that. I’m sure she didnt think Bart can do this hands thing, there’s this girl in Romania and I have a Bob Dylon album – it’s all lining up perfectly. If you invest in your own talent, you become somebody else and you live a different life and people come into you life that you wouldn’t have encountered and you affect their lives.  That’s how it is. There’s an ecology of creativity.

Out of all the posts that I’ve written so far, I feel for me as a parent, this may be the most important.  Ken Robinson speaks of understanding the creative ecology and working with it. Bart Conner’s mother is a perfect example of somebody who understood this and didn’t let her son’s talents go to waste. May be talent often goes unnoticed and is often obscured by our efforts of what children should or must know.

I certainly feel something is going on with 2012. It seems to be a year of change. A new wave of consciousness seems to be sweeping the planet. Some things will fall away others will arise. Change in inevitable. I realised this when I took a career break and was contemplating other careers. I tried a few things from actuary, information security etc. nothing seemed right. The linear approach to careers offered by advisers of matching talents with a suitable field wasn’t working for me. In Decemeber last year, I came across a book by Thomas Moore called Life’s Work. It was then I realised that I wasn’t working with the creative ecology. I was taking a superficial approach to work that neglected the soul. We are people of soul, of depth, deeper then the night sky. Sometimes it sits their quietly, other times it’s calling us to ponder it’s mysteries. The mystics have said all along we are the macrocosm, out there is the microcosm. I was taking a linear approach to life and wasn’t given myself space for Life to live through me. It was only when I decided to take a step back from life that a number of things began to unfold, including this blog. I needed to learn to be empty, in order to receive.

Llewllyn Vaughan Lee in Paradoxes of Love explains how living this new wave of consciousness was like for him “Spiritual awakerning are rarely sudden; they develop gradually over the years. It took a number of years for me to become are of the strength and significance of this new wave of consciousness, to realise how it was the center of my life. At the beginning the oneness was like a warm reassurance, a confirmation that all was well. Whatever the difficulties in my life, I could go for a walk and sens e the unity. But spiritual states change, and I had to learn to bring this consciousness more and more into my life. I was faced with circumstances that could not be resolved from the perspective of duality. I needed to fully incarnate this new awareness. Rather then just a reassurance, the oneness became a necessary point of inner focus in my outer activities. I found that if I made decisions based upon duality I got into difficulty. Life was teaching me the need to live from this new consciousness.”

Being involved in education, I feel if I were to offer my predictions of the future, it would be that there wouldn’t be a fixed linear curriculum but a students would be able to design their own curriculum based on their talents. There will be no need for exams as we know them today. There may be essential core knowledge but the relationship with how that knowledge unfolds will be intimately connected with the souls journey in this creative ecology. Like the Indian musical raag system there is an essential structure but the number of improvisations which can be done in harmony with the raag are infinite.  We will regain the balance between the qualitative and the quantitative.There would be an increase in not just networking and interconnected approach to the way we live but also the quality of relationships will greatly increase as the consciousness of Oneness lives through us.

  1. Now, wouldn’t that be nice; an education system that is tailored to enhance everyon’e indiviudual talents and strengths, an education system that teaches a young person about who they are. That would certainly give enthusiasm back both to educators and students!

  2. This really hits home for me. I’ve spent much time not being able to reconcile the differences between my spiritual self and my career. It does take time to just let it unfold, and then, without ego, it appears to have been there the whole time. But I’m not there yet…

    I am considering taking my little boy out of traditional school and placing him in a school which recognizes personal creativity and talents.

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