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The Mother in The Islamic Tradition

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The Prophet pbuh said –

If only my mother were alive, I had started the Esha prayer, was reciting the fatiha, the door to my house would open and my mother would call out ‘Oh my son Muhammad’ then I would gladly leave my prayers to attend to her.

I went in paradise and heard the Qur’an being recited. I asked who is this reciting the Qur’an? I was told oh messenger of Allah this is Haritha bin Nauman. I replied Hairtha? He’s in Medina still alive, he hasn’t died (for his recitation to sound through the heavens). I was told by the angels ‘Oh messenger of Allah, Hairtha has served this mother with such love that your Lord has told us when Haritha recites the Qur’an may all those in heaven hear it.

Omar, a person will come in your time from Yeman, his name will be Owais. He will be from the tribe of Aamir and the family of Qarn. He will be of dark complexion and of medium height. On his waist will be a white mark. When he comes oh Omar, make sure you ask him to pray for the Ummah (Omar of whom the Prophet said if there would be another Prophet after me it would be Omar). Omar asked why Owais oh messenger of Allah. He was told he has served his mother with such devotion when he raises his hands in prayer the Divine fulfills his every need.

(Three stories from a talk by Maulana Tariq Jameel).

I’ve come across many more but having heard these three stories recently really moved me. As I think back of the wonderful moments my mother did her best to raise me it fills my heart with gratitude. Maybe the sweetest love I’ve experienced is from both my grandmothers. One had the best cooking I’ve ever tasted, filled with such love – it remains unmatched. She would cook my favorite mince paratas for me when I was a child. She was a very religious lady who always stood up for Truth and what was fair. My other grandmother was quite literally a saint. They say when they dug her grave, scent of flowers emanated from within. She never went to Mecca but carried a real yearning for the place. May be she herself was a kaba in her own right. When somebody would come with dates from Mecca, after eating them she would treasure the seeds and use them for zikr. Whenever she would drink water she would often mix it with a drop or two of zam zam. She was a very very sweet lady, always smiling and very open minded. Once while we were having a water fight, she came to get us to stop and instead ended up laughing. I took a picture of her back then which I treasure. Maybe her most adorable quality was her forgiveness. She carried no resentment in her heart and always met people with a real warmth.

  1. I pray that my children and grandchildren would remember me for those very qualities you described. Ameen.

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