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Siratal Mustaqeem by Zeliha Akdan

In parenting on September 21, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Two years ago my son, who was 14 years old at that time, went to his friend’s house. They both enjoy gaming and sometimes spend hours doing so.This was one of those days where they would spend a whole afternoon gaming.

When my son, Ercan, came back home, he was agitated and told me very seriously that, while he was at his friend’s house, at one point his friend left the room to get something to drink. Meanwhile, my son stepped on one of his friend’s favourite games by accident, and the game’s CD broke into pieces.

The next few minutes were doubtful for my son. He asked me what he should have done. Should he have told his friend that he broke the game by accident and promised his mom would pay for a new one? Or should he have just told his friend he was sorry and ignored the incident? Given that the replacement of the game would cost 60 Euros, he also did not want to bother his mom. This is what he told me.

Then he continued and said: ‘But I said, “No!” to myself. “My mom will understand why we need to replace the game and will not be upset with me about the 60 Euros.”‘

So when his friend came back, he told him what had happened. His friend, being such a nice friend, said to my son, ‘It’s OK. I know it was an accident,’ and he told him he didn’t need to worry and a replacement was not necessary.

When my son had told the whole story, I asked him whether this incident was still troubling his heart. He said it was, and added that he believed we should replace the game and buy his friend a new one.

I said that I agreed with him and gave him the 60 Euros to buy a new one. I added, ‘Ercan, remember Surah Al Fatiha that you have been trying to memorise? Do you remember the words ‘sirat al mustakim’, where we ask God to keep us on the straight path? Staying on the right path is listening to your heart in doing the right thing, even if it means disadvantage or discomfort to yourself.’

I hope that he will remember this in life to come…

  1. Thank you for this beautiful story. The teaching has helped me too.

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