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Theme of the Month: Story Telling

In Story telling on November 1, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Story telling is an ancient practice and an effective tool for tarbeyah. The Qur’an and sunnah are filled with stories which guide us, open our hearts and offer us wisdom which we can return to again and again. Stories are also instrumental in building character. A corpus of stories such as those found in the exploits of Mulla Nasrudin also have a teaching function in the way they use humour to bypass conditioning. Superficially, most of these stories can be told as jokes, or, like Aesop’s Fables, as moral points, but they can be understood on deeper levels, offering opportunities for the development of consciousness in the way they momentarily highlight certain states of mind, often in a startling way.  Some spiritual teachers have also used stories to introduce children to spiritual principles. Stories also contain ancient mythology and symbolism which hold lessons for our collective consciousness.

We each remember a story, either told to us or experienced by ourselves (in dreams or waking consciousness), which to this day may have influenced us. Which stories do you remember and how have they helped you? Do you use stories with your child/children? If so, what type of stories do you work with and how do they help? Please contribute your stories to

  1. As a very young child, some of the English nursery rhymes were magical portals for me, like Hey Diddle Diddle, which let me into places beneath or within

  2. Thank you. Would you like to elaborate by writing a post about it? If so, please email it to

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