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5 Difference Between the Covenants Initiative and a Common Word – Q & A with Charles Upton

In Religion on July 25, 2013 at 6:27 pm


  • ONE: Unlike A Common Word, the Covenants Initiative is based on newly-resdiscovered documents authored by the Prophet Muhammad himself, commanding Muslims not only to refrain from attacking and robbing peaceful Christian communities, but to actively protect them.
  • TWO: A Common Word is an initiative involving religious leaders; the Covenants Initiative seeks the support of any Muslim, whether prominent or unknown.
  • THREE: The Covenants Initiative is not an “interfaith” project in the usual sense of that word, not a “Word between Us and You”, but a unilateral Muslim action to publicize, as widely as possible—to Muslims, Christians, and anybody else, the existence and content of the Covenants—which are binding first upon Muslims since they are authored by Muhammad himself, the Prophet of Islam, peace and blessing be upon him. In the context of the expanding Islamic empire of his time they were treaties between Muslims and Christians; under present conditions, however, they primarily represent the Prophet’s commands to his own people, binding upon Muslims at any place on earth “until the end of the world”, though they clearly embrace any Christian community not actively attacking Islam.
  • FOUR: A Common Word is a declaration by Muslims to Christians that, following the Holy Qur’an, we accept the Christian revelation—though not every dogma of Christian theology—and intend no harm to Christians. The Covenants Initiative is a declaration to Muslims that the Prophet forbids us to attack peaceful Christian communities but rather commands us protect them; consequently it is a warning to those misguided Muslims who are presently killing peaceful Christians that they are incurring the Wrath of Allah, given that the Mercy of Allah to wrongdoers must first appear as a warning.
  • FIVE: A Common Word has not, to my knowledge (please correct me if I’m wrong) done anything to draw public attention to Muslim attacks on peaceful Christians; the Covenants Initiative has this as one of its central goals.
If anyone wants to see a Word file of latest edited version of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World by Dr. John Andrew Morrow, let him or her contact me at We hope to gather some signatures to the Declaration before publication so they can appear in the book itself; the deadline for these is August 21.

Further details of the covenants initiative can also be found here Covenants Initiative. Please feel free to leave feedback, reflections or any questions for Charles Upton by commenting below. 

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