An Exploration of Sacred Parenting and Education

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting this blog. It was set up as an exploration and never meant as a definitive guide to parenting.  I hope you find something useful here. The faults are all mine.

Parenting is as Jon Kabat Zinn writes, “one of the most challenging, demanding and stressful jobs on the planet”…  especially if done mindfully. Yet it is also the most rewarding. The vision behind the blog was really to explore parenting from an Islamic spiritual perspective. This of course includes education – in the original sense of the word which relates to soul. Despite the rich living spiritual traditions Islam has produced,  I haven’t come across a good parenting guide or forum that discusses contemporary issues from an Islamic spiritual perspective nor a holistic educational model which is on par with Steiner or Montessori. The future isn’t predictable even by the experts in education and we are living in times in which fundamental paradigms are shifting. The digital age is one in which things are growing exponentially and presents its own challenges. Raising the next generation of children is the most important task we can undertake.



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