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The Story of Salah by Luqman Ali

In Story telling on November 2, 2013 at 8:15 pm

The Salah of Seasons

The goodly tree within us begins as the seed of intention that is watered by wudu and then sprouts at the command of the adhan to become a shoot with the iqamah and then grows strong and lofty with deep roots nurtured by the Qur’anic springtime of the hearts. It then wilts in the summer time of glorifying Allah’s tremendum before falling prostrate to shed its attachments in the autumn. It is then blessed with a moment of self reflection before returning to the wintry earth.

The Story of Salah for Children

We would lead the children to mime the actions of wudu and salah while speaking in first person the story of salat as follows:

Performing wudu:  ‘I was created from clay and water – pure and worshipful was I made.’

Standing in qiyam:  ‘I was taught the names and purpose of all things as I recite the Qur’an.’

In ruku’: ‘I remember my parents Adam and Hawa (a) being given a preview of the world through the forbidden tree.’

Returning to qiyam: ‘I remember my parents’ repentance.’

Descent to 1st sajdah:  ‘I descended to the earth …’

1st Sajdah:     ‘ … through my mother’s womb …’

Interim julus:   ‘I am spending a brief time in the world, perhaps a night or part of a day.’

2nd sajdah:    ‘I will die and enter my grave and the interspace (barzakh).’

End julus:      ‘I will be resurrected to bear witness and account for myself’

Taslim:    ‘I will attain to jannah inshaAllah where the greeting is only salaaman, salaamaa!’

Everytime we did this, it would be slightly different. Organic and spontaneous. We have kept it basic so that all of the children regardless of age would be able to engage with it.

We were careful to explain to the children how that the essence of salah is but one rak’ah. We only repeat rak’ahs as a rehearsal and practice in order to perfect that one rak’ah. We also would discuss how we are all the sum of the stories that we consume and that the story of the Muslim is abbreviated in the Qur’an to free and liberate us from all other false stories.

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