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Newtonian, Quantum and Spiritual Parenting

In parenting on January 17, 2012 at 8:13 pm

“Will you travel with me? Our destination involves both learning and liberation. It focuses on a process, not a goal to be produced; it is a matter of finding new meaning, not new mechanics. The enemies you face will break you open, so that what needs to come has a passage-way. You wounds will become an evolutionary threshold for the expression of who you are in your most natural divinely human, extraordinarily ordinary, authentic self’. No Enemies Within, Dawna Markova

The more I consciously parent, the more I realise parenting is as much about my journey as it is about my children’s journey and our souls journey together. It’s an unfolding; an educational process for both of us– in the deeper sense of that word (Latin educere – to bring forth from within). In speaking to people and from my own experiences, I feel I have come across three different mind sets of parenting, broadly speaking, which I have termed Newtonian, Quantum and Spiritual. Read the rest of this entry »