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“My Best Friend is a Tree” by Uzma Taj

In Story telling on November 25, 2012 at 9:01 pm

The Soul Garden

Just as the Heart becomes carefree

in a place of green, growing plants,

goodwill and kindness are born

when our souls enter happiness.

Mathnawi II, 1095-96

“My Best Friend is a Tree” by Uzma Taj

Isaac had an unusual best friend.  Isaac’s best friend was a tree.  Wherever Isaac went, so did the tree.  They would play games like catch the ball and hide-and-seek.  Isaac was ever so happy with his friend the tree.

Unfortunately for Isaac no one else agreed.  The other children at school would point and laugh and say, “How silly to have a tree as a friend!”  Sadly it was not only his friends at school who thought he was strange, so did all the other people in the village.  They would say, “Who is that strange boy whose best friend is a tree?” and, “It’s no good to have a tree as a friend!” Sometimes they would say even more not so very nice things like, “We shouldn’t talk to the boy whose friend is a tree – he’s far too strange.”

But, you see, Isaac was happy and Read the rest of this entry »


Chickpea Press presents ‘Quietness’ by Debra Kaatz

In Story telling on November 23, 2012 at 5:33 pm

Below is a short story from a collection called Sufi Tales by author Debra Kaatz. Sufi Tales is the first book that Chickpea Press have published. The stories in it beautifully illustrate how wisdom can be shared between the generations, and how important storytelling itself is.

We invite you to enjoy…


It was evening and Abdal and his grandfather were sitting by the fire.

‘Tell me about quietness,’ said Abdal. He knew he would get a story.

Grandfather relaxed back into his chair and Read the rest of this entry »